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In-Center Tutoring 

We offer tutoring for Kindergarten preparation as well as reading, writing, and math for grades K-12 and College Exam Preparation. Our tutors are passionate about each student's success. In addition to subject area focus, our tutors teach study techniques, organization skills, builds confidence, and fosters independent learning and thinking.

Our tutors are flexible and adapts to each student's learning style. Your child is assigned one tutor for the duration of their tutoring needs. This allows the tutor to learn your child's needs and build a relationship with your child and family. The tutoring sessions are engaging and interactive which creates a positive learning environment for your child.

We currently offer in-person tutoring at the following public libraries:

Arthenia L. Joyner University Area Community Library

C. Blythe Andrews, Jr. Public Library

North Tampa Branch Library

Temple Terrace Public Library

Tutoring is an essential benefit that helps your child focus and become an innovative thinker inside and outside of the classroom. Are you ready to see the difference Amazing Youth Tutors make? Don't hesitate to sign your child up for one of our tutoring sessions today!


​ Review our in-person tutoring options below

One-on-One Tutoring

Traditional Tutoring

Homework Help

$55 per 1 hour session

For the students that only requires assistance with homework


$50 per week 

For the student that struggles a little in one subject and needs a little reinforcing


*Student will receive 1 session 1 day per week ranging from 60 - 90 minutes


(Includes student centered lesson plans, homework help and test prep)

Test Prep (ACT/SAT)

$65 per 1 hour session 

For the student that requires assistance preparing for an upcoming test


$100 per week ( 2 days) 

$150 per week (3 days)

For the student that struggles a little in more than one subject or the student that struggles a lot in one subject


*Student will receive 2 -3 sessions per week ranging from  45 - 60 minutes

(Includes student centered lesson plans, homework help and test prep)

Test Prep (Non ACT/SAT)

$55 per 1 hour session

For the student that only requires assistance preparing for an upcoming test

Barton  Tutoring (Multisensory Approach) 

Our Barton Tutoring Plans are aimed towards students with Dyslexia or Autism. These plans provide high dose tutoring using strategies and techniques that helps to break down the barriers in learning with a multisensory approach.

Barton Plan A

$250 per week
includes 1 hour of tutoring 5 days per week

Barton Plan B

$150 per week
includes 1 hour of tutoring 3 days per week

Group Tutoring

AMAzing Youth, LLC offers small group tutoring with 2 -4 students. Students will receive tutoring from an experienced tutor along with 1 - 3 other students receiving tutoring in the same subject and on the same level. In this environment, students can easily learn from each other, support and motivate each other.  

$35 per 1 hour session

Kindergarten Prep

This program is designed to help your toddler prepare for kindergarten.  We offer one on one and small group (2-4 toddlers) learning environments. Our kindergarten prep program is an excellent way for your toddler to learn and expand on the below skills which will prepare them for kindergarten: 

1. Early Math  2. Early Literacy  3. Problem-Solving  4. Emotional Development  5. Social Development  6. Creativity  7. Fine Motor   8. Listening and Communication 

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